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Shoot! What You Love

  When you begin photography as a hobbyist, the most important challenge is to face? The challenge is none other than finalising the photography genres. What to shoot? It is quite difficult to choose the photography genres. No teacher can help you to choose.  In this confusing situation, you are the only one to help yourself. It is just like which course to choose after completing your 12th class. Everybody faces this situation at the beginning of his career.  There are a few questions that might have confused you. these questions are mentioned below Which photography genres have more scope Which photography genres demand more investment Which genres will earn more money for you Which location has more potential Everybody wanna choose those genres which may generate more money, more opportunity, less effort, less education etc But choosing photography genres is something very tough to choose. But if we are looking for better future opportunities then we have to go through this. All

Not to fill the entire FRAME

What is fill the frame - Please view the above posted photographs of the building (INDIA)  See every corner of the photograph which is fully packed of the building content. There is no breathing space in the photographs. But that does not means the photographs has lost their inner beauty and not able to convey the message. It may be unique style of the photographer. I have see 1000s of photograph where filled photographs broken all the rules and regulation of the photography boundary. But filled frame overcome on the subject sometime exploit the subject and sometime introduce the wow factors of the photographs.  But, I am sharing the information on Not to fill the frame . It is purely photographer's decision while shooting the subject that shoot with filled frame or not to fill the entire frame. Both framing has its own advantages. Framing is the main key who bring out the message of the photographs. See below posted photograph. Not to fill the entire frame has few good advanta

Don't get everything in FOCUS always

Sometimes every beginner photographer try to shoot everything in Focus, means the photographer is more interested to capture  foreground, middle-ground, background in focus. But, following the same framing, same style might have bored to your viewers. Nothing new creative aspect for photographer. Now we have the technology that can help us to keep the main subject in the focus and rest can be out of focus. This techniques always help us to choose the main content of the subject and sometimes only the fraction of the subject  All my readers must plan one day of shooting with wide-open aperture means f/2, f/4 maximum. please stop shooting  at f/7, f/9 or more etc on that day. You have to shoot only in wide open aperture technique. This technique will introduce you with hidden aspects of photography. It will help you to groom as better photographer. Let's have a look on the advantages of the wide open aperture shooting.  Advantages of wide-open aperture  Wide-open aperture will alw

QUICK editing TIPS for mobile photos

  Nowadays shooting yourself from your mobile has become a TREND or in Trending. There are new youngsters are using mobile at their best or Smartphones are now the best buddy for all the youngsters. With whom youngsters loves to get up, sleep, roaming, picnic or everywhere where ever they are spending their time or life. From fun point of view, study point of view, off course self shoot point of view, the SMARTPHONE  has reserved their space in everybody's life. No smartphone No Life especially for the youngsters and Nobody has control over this. Enjoy with it but cautiously.  Today this article is about to edit your mobile photos. I have so many known youngsters who demand to know how can they edit their photographs and how they can look more good in their mobile photography. Especially girls are more keen to know about these feature because they shoot themselves frequently as compares to boys.  Let's follow few mobile editing tips( Find out editing option in your mobiles)

Working from the home (WFH) as a PHOTOGRAPHER

  As we all are suffering through the COVID pandemic, compelled ourselves to work from home. Sometimes doing things without our interest become our first priority for our life, family etc. We all know that there is no way out, we have to suffer, cop up with this situation. One of the topmost priorities that we have to protect ourselves from this covid virus as we know that one infection can pull all the family members into an infection, that's the dangerous factor of the pandemic situation. Now, This article is for only the photographers. When you are suffering through the lockdown situation and you have to work from the home then you need to follow these tips to utilise your free time for a more productive time. Sometimes free time is a treasure because it teaches you a lot about your bright future.  Let's follow these tips Write down all the necessary things to do ( Learning, reading, watching videos, writing blogs, marketing emails, photography tips, explore new ideas etc

The Next level of Photography

  What is the next level of photography -There is always a requirement for betterment in your photography career. Every stage of photography demand betterment in the form of upgraded photography equipment, upgrade in your photography education, upgrade in you composition, creative aspects, framing, and top of it how you understand your project, subject etc to deliver in a different way to your viewers and clients.    There are end numbers of beginner photographers or other professional photographers, who never change even their old lenses, old technology cameras and running on the same route track. No advancement for betterments in their photography career.  Let's discuss few important points that help us to take our photography career at a better level. Keep changing your style, composition, framing, creative aspects. Repetition of all the content may give boringness to your viewers.  Must have varieties of the lens to shoot your subject, sometimes shooting with the same lens w

The Myth about Photography Career

Whenever you start your career in any stream then there is always a possibility to meet those people who may advise you bitter to better options. Sometimes you meet those people's expert advice, those are not expert in the same career in which you like to pursue. There are hundreds of examples you may get to deviate you from your target job, dream job, dream business etc. Sometimes your own parents may insist you joining their business, In India, there are lacs of examples where the son has joined their parental business forcefully. Sometimes children do not have options too. When I started my career as a photographer, I went through the same phases of trauma. There are many people who do not support you, sometimes they do not even listen to you. You have only one option left, Listen to everybody and choose your choices. Let's bring out those obstacles when you start your business. Obstacles Waste of time and energy, Photography has no future  The market has full of photogr

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