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Shoot! What You Love

  When you begin photography as a hobbyist, the most important challenge is to face? The challenge is none other than finalising the photography genres. What to shoot? It is quite difficult to choose the photography genres. No teacher can help you to choose.  In this confusing situation, you are the only one to help yourself. It is just like which course to choose after completing your 12th class. Everybody faces this situation at the beginning of his career.  There are a few questions that might have confused you. these questions are mentioned below Which photography genres have more scope Which photography genres demand more investment Which genres will earn more money for you Which location has more potential Everybody wanna choose those genres which may generate more money, more opportunity, less effort, less education etc But choosing photography genres is something very tough to choose. But if we are looking for better future opportunities then we have to go through this. All

Important Element of Photography

In Photography there are lots of things that work behind one good photograph. A Photographer spends years & years to shoot better photographs along with bearing all the major expenses for photography equipment, travelling cost, marketing cost and moreover patience that really helps the photographer to grow. When I started my photography career, I thought only one lens is capable to shoot everything, only exposure setting work to shoot and nothing else but when you started involving in the deep of photography and realise that there is endless learning (technical and creative aspects) to shoot better shot.  But few beginner or hobbyist photographer always stuck in buying expensive camera kit instead of doing experiment and practice for better photography. Today I am going to write about the strongest element of photography, Which creates a better, stunning, amazing photograph. Let's discuss the important element of photography. The important element of photography Light and Shado

Please excuse "Wildlife Photography"

  Maybe, This topic may disappoint a few immature wildlife photographers. The reason is simply disappointing. Immature photographers are now responsible for irritating wild animals, birds and other beautiful species. Being a photographer, No animal has given us permission, licence to disturb them in their life. We have no right to capture them if incase our appearance is creating havoc on them. I am strictly mentioning this if any immature, pro photographers are not aware of handling wildlife photography genre then they must quit the idea of shooting WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Here I am mentioning a few important points which every photographer must follow by their heart and must follow as any religion rules.  Crowd - Mostly animal are scared of the crowd, Sometimes they react very badly and can harm any human in the crowd. Please never ever be in the crowd if you are taking wildlife photography very seriously.  Excuse NEST and DEN - Please never ever go close to any nest, any den to shoo

It is just a CAMERA, a simple tool

Many friends of mine always used to ask me, which camera is best and the 2nd surprising question is asked that "I need a camera which can capture the professional photographs like a pro photographer" Money hardly matters to me, I do not mind spending any amount on buying a DSLR camera.  But my camera must capture the stunning photographs. Sometimes it is so hard to make them understand photography.  These people are well settled in their profession or business, they are hobbyist photographer, They do not want to educate themself about photography but they demand good camera which can capture like a pro photographer.  Here, I am writing about the article about the most common tool that is called a photography camera. Also, I would like to mention that DSLRs camera is capable of doing some action and not capable of doing which actions. So that one can understand the limits of the camera and the photographer's capabilities.  Let's discuss the important action of the came

Minimalist Photography is WOW

  What is Minimalist Photography? I am sure that hardly a photographer ever shoot for minimalist photography or knows about it. Minimalist photography is a creative form of photography that explain and describe the pure foam of simplicity in the smallest way of projecting the subject. In this photography genres framing, the composition is the strongest tool.  In this photography genres, the main aim of the shooting is LESS is MORE where smallest subject speaks loud to the viewers. that is called minimalist photography. Sometimes we ignore the smallest subject, wide perspective of the smallest subject. But I here would like to mention that you must change your perspective and start noticing, observing and add the smallest thing onto the big canvas. Must take the feedback from your viewers and feel the big difference in your photographs.  For minimalist photography requires your different perspective to understand the subject before you press your shutter button. You must describe your

Foggy & Mist Photography

  Sometimes Bad weather makes better photographs. The speciality of bad weather, You do not have to wait for this weather. This can happen anywhere and without spacial prediction. One of the worst weather is FOG which exists in every winter season in every country. No more special plans to visit the foggy location at all.  Most of the photographer avoid shooting in Foggy weather because of its poor visibility, dewdrops also un-favour you to shoot. But better photographer always takes this challenge to shoot in any worst and the foggy weather condition.  Also, I would like to mention here that one must take all the precautionary steps to protect his photography kit because dewdrop can spoil your camera sensor if any drop enters into your camera and lens.  Let's discuss the few important safety steps to shoot better in foggy weather.  Be prepared along with safety feature like one must carry one torchlight, calculative equipment, one companion, the camera cover, hand-gloves etc Choos

Use Interesting PROPs In Photography

  What are Props in photography - In a simple layman language,   PROPS  are anything at all used to better support and add meaning to the main subject in a  photo . With portrait  photography  a  prop  will enhance the subject. And it'll give the viewer a better idea of who they are. Props may be strong content which can add more weightage to your subject. But props are hardly used in the photographs or photographers are not that much creative to find better props to add to the photographs. Most of the photographer having this perception that props can be used in fashion photography and portrait photography only. but It is not true.  I would like to mention that Props can be anything and that can be added to any photography genres. There are end numbers of photography genres where props can be added like food photography, products photography, still life, jewellery shoot and many more. Photographer needs to have a strong creative sense to find out the better props to add to any ki

Different types of perspective in photography

  Every photographer in this photography world has a different type of perspective to shoot. It does not matter about his photography knowledge, whether he/she is a beginner, advanced level photographer or who takes photograph from his mobile etc. We have to understand his different perspective in the photography and sometimes beginner photographer captured altogether different wow photograph or out of the box. Perspective may be different and which has no boundary, no rules, limitless, out of the box etc. There is no correct, perfect perspective of the photography, there is no correct perspective's definition ever described in the world of photography. We are free to develop our own perspective style and which communicate a better message to the viewers, the message which holds the viewers so long. No photograph has ever defined about its correct and perfect perspective.  But the most important thing is that never shoot whimsically, which is not even liked by the viewers and never

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