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  When you begin photography as a hobbyist, the most important challenge is to face? The challenge is none other than finalising the photography genres. What to shoot? It is quite difficult to choose the photography genres. No teacher can help you to choose.  In this confusing situation, you are the only one to help yourself. It is just like which course to choose after completing your 12th class. Everybody faces this situation at the beginning of his career.  There are a few questions that might have confused you. these questions are mentioned below Which photography genres have more scope Which photography genres demand more investment Which genres will earn more money for you Which location has more potential Everybody wanna choose those genres which may generate more money, more opportunity, less effort, less education etc But choosing photography genres is something very tough to choose. But if we are looking for better future opportunities then we have to go through this. All

Shoot Often, Delete often

In the photography career, practice & experiment is major activity, One should always adopt this habit to improve the level of photography. But Here I would like to mention that practice is a major part of all professions. Our photography is based on practice and experiment as we all know. As long as we travel for the photography career, we become more habitual for practice and experiments. There is also one darkest side of too much practice and experiment for photography. That is maintaining storage, buying cloud space, maintaining external hard devices etc. This is one of the biggest problems, exercise etc rather than I must write that is the biggest headache but being a photographer we have to manage this also because back-up pays a lot to us. 

What to do when we are practising and experimenting because day by day our data keep on adding to the storage devices. Let us follow a few important steps to maintain the storage. 

Shoot often and delete often - When we are shooting regularly, shooting often then we must cultivate the habit of deleting photos simultaneously. Keep checking and keep deleting that mantra. 

  • Always keep checking the photos and delete the same angle photos, repetitive shots etc, must not keep more than two final images and delete the rest images.
  • Calculate like this, if you have shot 100 photos then you have to keep maximum best/final15-20 photos. Automatically your waste photos will be deleted and you get more space for future 
  • Try to store the best photos 5-7 on the iCloud storage. Because iCloud storage is paid service. Do not keep all the junk photos. 
  • If shooting for the clients then keep the 10 best photos for your website, portfolio etc rest deliver to the client to keep it safe. Must inform the client that you are not taking responsibility to maintain the data. 
  • Never show laziness while deleting the photos there there will be huge storage of the photos and you will never get time to check and delete. Believe me, this may be your bad habit in your career. I know a few big photographers who have a separate room for all the storage devices. Every time they make a plan to empty the storage. But every time they fail to act as required. 
  • Please stay for a second before pressing the shutter button, think twice, set the framing, adjust camera setting, settle yourself then shoot. This habit will increase the life of your sensor. Unnecessary shooting will give you headaches and may spoil your camera sensor too.

Conclusion - Keep adding the best photos to the folder. Must maintain the storage wisely.

Keep experimenting! Have a wonderful and happy photography life to you all.

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above-posted photographs. India. 


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