Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Please excuse "Wildlife Photography"


Maybe, This topic may disappoint a few immature wildlife photographers. The reason is simply disappointing. Immature photographers are now responsible for irritating wild animals, birds and other beautiful species. Being a photographer, No animal has given us permission, licence to disturb them in their life. We have no right to capture them if incase our appearance is creating havoc on them. I am strictly mentioning this if any immature, pro photographers are not aware of handling wildlife photography genre then they must quit the idea of shooting WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Here I am mentioning a few important points which every photographer must follow by their heart and must follow as any religion rules. 

  • Crowd - Mostly animal are scared of the crowd, Sometimes they react very badly and can harm any human in the crowd. Please never ever be in the crowd if you are taking wildlife photography very seriously. 
  • Excuse NEST and DEN- Please never ever go close to any nest, any den to shoot cubs. Because you may enter the danger zone and any adult lion, tiger, a leopard can attack you very badly. Never ever shoot this zone for the fun sometimes funniest things may charge you a very heavy cost. 
  • Playback of birdcall to attract bird- Please never ever take any musical devices, siren, speaker, Bluetooth, mobile music to attract the birds. I tell you, why? when this music is played then this music or any other high volume sound can disturb their nervous system and sometimes bird stops their breeding system. NO MUSIC AT ALL. High Volume sound is not good for their life. 
  • Using Flashlight and Torch- Sometimes when immature photographer uses heavy torches and flashguns in the lowlight situation to find out the hidden birds to shoot and other species. Resultant This light can make a few sensitive bird BLIND completely (few animals & birds etc having extremely sensitive retinas ). Few studies tell this. Few birds can see only in low light or night and this flashgun can disable their vision. Better use night vision camera to protect them or shoot them
  • Stop Chasing- This habit really kills. When photographers chase the bird, animal in their vehicles. This habit gives unnecessary pressure on the animal, birds. Which is not acceptable at all. I do not support this habit at all. Never ever chase, wait for the right time to shoot.
  • Handle with care - We must understand this that we are also dependent on the birds, animal, other species etc we all needed each other. It is our duty to handle all the smallest to the biggest animal with full of love and care. 
Miscellaneous habits to follow
  1. Avoid using a mobile phone
  2. Never leave your route
  3. Never explore another place which is not in your route
  4. Please have patience and be quite when found any animal and bird to shoot
  5. Follow national park, bird sanctuary's rule book. We should not break any rule at any cost because your life can be at the stake.
  6. Must share your correct information of yours and your kit etc
  7. Please stop littering, you are not there to add your garbage to the beautiful nature. 
  8. Never be quick to shoot, give though to your shot. 
  9. There is always a second chance to shoot. never be disappointed if fails to shoot better animal shot. It happens with everyone. 
  10. Respect animal, bird, and other species. We are there to shoot them in their normal behaviour. Please stop irritating, pressurised them and shoot them with full of care and love. It is our duty.
Keep experimenting, have a wonderful and happy photography life to you all. 

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above-posted image of the deer. Ranthambore INDIA


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