Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Close-up SHOTS

Close-up shots are those shots who communicate with viewers so deeply. It is one of my favourite genres, where no background required only tight framing is required. Close shots mostly happen in film making, television production, still photography, macro photography, portrait, street, wild etc. Close-up shots display the deep details but do not include the broader scene at all means does not cover other content to create a story.

Close-up shots speak much more or convey a strong message to the viewers. Let's discuss how can you take a better close-up shot to give a new height to your photography. 

Plan only Close-up shots- When moving to shoot portrait, street, wild etc then plan to shoot the only close shot, no to wide-angle shots, no background shots and no other long shots, only tight framing shot, only close shots. This determination will take good close-up shots out of you along with good details. 

Zoom Lens- Must add zoom lens into your kit like 70-200mm, 18-105mm, 200-500mm, 55-300 lens to capture the close shots from the distance. Because you can not shoot portrait, a wild shot from so close and you need to have a zoom lens. Sometimes going close to the subject can create unnecessary problems. Better follow safety parameters too. 

Hiding your self - When shooting in the street, then you must know the art of hiding yourself while capturing human expression, the reason for hiding yourself basically protecting you from the people who can raise any objection. But here I suggest you must take verbally permission to shoot. Recently I was reading an article where few people beat one street photographer badly and crush his camera too because he was shooting people and the public. So avoid these type of situation while shooting. I don't know why people increase their blood pressure when a photographer capturing a photograph without hurting people or doing his job silently. May God bless everyone. 

Keep Silence, Quiet & Calm (No Noise)- When shooting a bird, animal, butterfly etc. Please switch off your mobile, keep quiet and silence, even professional photographer control the shutter button sound too. Sometimes bird flies, animal run away and change their mood, expression due to the noise. Because in every case we have to shoot our subject without scaring them, without showing your existence in front of them. Pin drop silence is required to shoot amazing. 

Human figure close-up shots-  Sometimes you can avoid capturing faces and can try to shoot body movement, hands movement, body language etc means you have to capture the body's part excluding faces. Try this, This is something difficult shoot to do but shooting different is our job. See the below-posted image. 

Keep experimenting and have a wonderful and happy photography life to you all.

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