Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus


PGP_8829.jpgCaptured with TTL flashlight in Natural Light.

Nov 28, 2019
I hope, All the articles based on the flashlight would help you to improve your flash photography. Finally, I would like to mention a few important points where flashlight support or in which circumstances flashlight is required. Once you are aware of the light situation on where you wanted to use a flashlight to create magic to your photographs. One thing you must know that is, If you are capable of handling natural light then using the flashlight will be the easiest thing to shoot for all the photographers.

I know some of my friend photographers who love to shoot in the natural light but scare of using a flashgun. I would like to convey a message to all those photographers, who scare of using flashguns but master of photographing in natural light. Never ever afraid of using a flashgun and Flashgun will definitely improve your photography. Try it.

Let's wrap up with the important function of the flashlight.
  1. Use a flashlight to give directional light to your subject
  2. Use a flashlight to create separation, depth of separation between the subjects.
  3. Off course, flashlights create a drama and One must use
  4. Flashlight freezes the motion when the subject is speedy
  5. Importantly, Flashlight cleans the existing light to shoot
  6. Finally, flashlight creates a good quality light than a quality light.
  7. The flashlight has a variety of light accessories for the multipurpose shoot.
When I compare natural light with a flashlight then one thing is clear, you have to take the extra pain to go out to shoot in natural light and This includes your travel time, weather condition, perfect timing (morning & evening, golden hours etc), expenditure etc. Whereas you need one single room space to shoot with one or two flashlights at any time but you need a good strong subject to shoot inside.

We are the photographers and we are supposed to shoot in any light condition, with a flashlight, and without a flashlight, sometimes we use a camera inbuilt flashlight or other sources of light. Here your understanding of light like a flashlight, natural light etc will help you to capture better shots. REMEMBER.
Once you become a master of handling flashgun then carrying a flashgun will be your top priority to use in all the light conditions. What are you waiting for, Takeout your flashgun to experiments?

Keep experimenting and Have wonderful and happy photography to you all.

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above image of the butterfly. India


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