Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Pro-Photographer ?

500th Blog - 20 Sept 2021 Lots of beginner photographer always keep on asking this question because they are always confused between free lancer and Professional photographer. Today I am writing this article about professional photographer.  What is Pro-Photographer ? Professional photographer is a person, who has Been full time photographer for his entire life or career. No other income source, no other work etc They keep buying expensive photography gears as per their requirement or as technology changed. They have one purpose to shoot amazingly. Their earning source is only through photography business They are maintaining photography company with the help of website, blogs, social media platform etc  They advertise for their brand building and spend hell lots of money on it They hire other team person as per the shoot requirement and also keep them on salary also. They maintain client relationship and maintain   Professional photographer is a photographer who earns 100% of his

Shooting in the worst scenario?

  Travelling is the most important content of the photography as we all know. More you travel more you learn. The travelling help you to introduce new people, new custom, new weather condition, new places, new language, new festivals, new tradition etc. INDIA is a famous and known country for different languages, religion, weather, place etc Unity in diversity is the ICON of the INDIA. Travelling also introduce you discomfort zone where nothing is in you hand except facing and handling the situation. There are few worst scenario mentioned below Too much crowded place Poor weather condition Too much heat/cold/rain etc  Hills and no conveyance  at all Language problem basic services issues  No internet, no phone etc  In any scenario there is only photography who always works better. In this case photographer must have good perspective and good observation to shoot. Sometime no plan is good plan. I am mentioning few important tips which might work better to shoot. These tips are speci

No Bad Photos, Only Technology ?

  There is a confusion between Bad photos or poor technology. Which is responsible for the bad or worst photos, is it technology or artistic lacking, photographer or his kit, there are so many others myths involved in bad photos production. " THE ART IS SUBJECTIVE'' means whatever you are shooting with your own defined point of view or your own perspective is called an art without any further motives or explanations. This covering title that the art is subjective covers entire wrong technique, confused motives, no communication, no viewers expression etc  Your piece of art must convey your intention, your aspect, your motives, your message etc up to the certain extent. Without these content your subject may be an art-less photographs. Sometimes your friend or social network may like your subject/photographs but how much you can be sured about their correct artistic knowledge.  Please never rely on those liking or comment. They may spoiled your career.  Let's discus

Extraordinary treatment to the ordinary shoot

  Not all the photographer get extraordinary project to shoot. As per my experience in the photography industry. Highly experienced, famous photographer who has proven their ability, extraordinary performance already to the industry get those highly extraordinery, rarest project to handle.  But never mind, Once you start your journey with that vision, one day you will achieve that position. Everybody's position keep on changing in the life and that's for sure. Even those renowned photographer reached at this stage, has spent 20-25 years of their passion and hard work. I think they deserved to be here.  Here! I like to mention that somewhere they have also applied extraordinary treatment to the ordinary subject. It is the photographer who use their creative sense to bring out the uniqueness of the subject.   There are so many aspect are hidden in this scenario. For your bright future you have to find out the extraordinary hidden secret of the subject. It very important for a

Magic of Backlighting in the Photography

  There are end numbers of lighting tips and tricks and every light technique is having its own charisma and sometime its called magic of the light. Out of all those charismatic lighting, there is one charismatic lights which is known as backlighting. Sometimes it plays a role of the backbone in the photography. It is also used in portrait, products, travel, landscape etc It is photographer's creativity how is add backlight to his subject to look more beautiful, more impressing, more communicative etc  What is Backlighting - It can produce a variety of stunning effects. From creating silhouettes to capturing lens flares, It  illuminates your subject from the backside and create wonderful art of photography. It is purely depends upon the subject, where camera is positioned against the light and settle the subject in-between the camera and light. here is altogether different trick is involved that you need to understand. Majority of the light is coming from the backside of the s

Conveniency for the Photography

  The word 'conveniency" is equally important as other important requirement of the photography's tools, tips, tricks, technical knowledge, creative point of view etc. This is also a big reason when you scrap the shoot's result and plan for re-shoot. Sometime beginner photographer take too much pain to shoot but end of the day results are not up to the mark. There may be an end numbers of reason of the scraping the shoot but sometime  conveniency plays a major role in the reasons list.  Conveniency  help you to think better, act wisely, more creative options, better understanding, better results, better services etc.I hope you must have met to renowned photographer or must have taken the photography classes from them. I am sure you must have noticed their entire body  language, their systemised way of teaching, their perfect attitude, their perfect notes to share, their perfect set-up for demonstration etc.  The reason is  conveniency behind the entire show.  Let&#

Do not get tired

  The word -Tiring sound very negative in all the working space even in sitting job. But in our profession tired photographer always lose the shots, always miss the opportunity and other end number of lost things. This article is about the photographer not about the photography tips. If the photographer is not fit all the time, not quick, not fast, not active etc then he should not try to become photographer. Photography demands lot of challenges from the photographer not one time demand but keeps on demanding and every time you have to perform better. In our profession, most of the beginner photographer always ignore this inbuilt requirement of photography. I hope you must be watching Discovery channel and other. You will never find even a single over weight, fatty, lazy photographer and cameraman who shoot the entire location, episode, wildlife, travel etc. Being fit is the top priority for them. Here I would like to mention that ALARM yourself before its too late. Sometime being

No Budget policy for the shoot

  When you are ready to shoot as PRO Photographer or when yours professional photography journey starts. There are lots of challenges come across, lots of unexpected turns, unexpected out of the box reasoning, unanswerable questions, unfair demands etc. These are pointed arrows which be thrown on to you. You job is to tackling these situation along with improving yours photography day by day.  This exercise will always established you as a better pro photographer. There are lots of obstacles from your client's end but out of these arrows the strongest arrow is called NO BUDGET at all.   Today I am writing this article and It is purely related to pro photographer professional career. One of the most difficult obstacle when you meet the corporate clients, big brand client etc. After having 2-3 week discussion and at the end they scrap the deal with saying NO Budget. Once the No budget policy began they do not even pick your phone, never reply to your emails and messages, accordin

Happy Photography Day 2021

  Started or founded by Mr  Louis Daguerre and first celebrated in 19 Aug 1837,  this day has its roots in the invention of  Frenchman Louis Daguerre  in association with Joseph Nicephore Niepce in FRANCE World Photography Day is an annual celebration of art, science, and history of photography. It is observed every year on August 19th to  pay tribute to the art of photography . This day is commemorated with an aim to encourage people who want to pursue photography as a hobby or career. Very important day to celebrate among the photographers  August 19 is celebrated as world photography day, This day inspires all the beginner, advanced, professional photographer across the planet to capture & share even a single photograph with a friend, family and this world too. The day is celebrated as the art of taking photographs.  I wish all my reader capture or create the photograph and share with me if possible on this great occasion. Forget all the rules and boundaries of shooting. Sho

Which is more satisfying ?

  The important thing to know for all the photographers "Which is more satisfying factors" This is a quite difficult question to answer. There are end number of photographer with their 1000s of amazing photograph collection but still they are little confuse about their photographs, which photography factors satisfy them? In the beginning of my photography career, vivid colour was my first preference or vivid colour in the photograph always satisfy me then time started flying and the priority started keep on changing etc If you ask this question what satisfy you more, then there will be lots of things will keep on attacking to your mind like colours, framing, expensive camera kit, content, black & white, vivid colour, background, foreground, technicality, client satisfaction etc Gradually your liking and disliking start taking place into your photograph and gradually your photography career take off as per your choice of satisfaction.  Let's discuss the few importa

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