Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Do not get tired

  The word -Tiring sound very negative in all the working space even in sitting job. But in our profession tired photographer always lose the shots, always miss the opportunity and other end number of lost things. This article is about the photographer not about the photography tips. If the photographer is not fit all the time, not quick, not fast, not active etc then he should not try to become photographer. Photography demands lot of challenges from the photographer not one time demand but keeps on demanding and every time you have to perform better. In our profession, most of the beginner photographer always ignore this inbuilt requirement of photography. I hope you must be watching Discovery channel and other. You will never find even a single over weight, fatty, lazy photographer and cameraman who shoot the entire location, episode, wildlife, travel etc. Being fit is the top priority for them. Here I would like to mention that ALARM yourself before its too late. Sometime being

No Budget policy for the shoot

  When you are ready to shoot as PRO Photographer or when yours professional photography journey starts. There are lots of challenges come across, lots of unexpected turns, unexpected out of the box reasoning, unanswerable questions, unfair demands etc. These are pointed arrows which be thrown on to you. You job is to tackling these situation along with improving yours photography day by day.  This exercise will always established you as a better pro photographer. There are lots of obstacles from your client's end but out of these arrows the strongest arrow is called NO BUDGET at all.   Today I am writing this article and It is purely related to pro photographer professional career. One of the most difficult obstacle when you meet the corporate clients, big brand client etc. After having 2-3 week discussion and at the end they scrap the deal with saying NO Budget. Once the No budget policy began they do not even pick your phone, never reply to your emails and messages, accordin

Happy Photography Day 2021

  Started or founded by Mr  Louis Daguerre and first celebrated in 19 Aug 1837,  this day has its roots in the invention of  Frenchman Louis Daguerre  in association with Joseph Nicephore Niepce in FRANCE World Photography Day is an annual celebration of art, science, and history of photography. It is observed every year on August 19th to  pay tribute to the art of photography . This day is commemorated with an aim to encourage people who want to pursue photography as a hobby or career. Very important day to celebrate among the photographers  August 19 is celebrated as world photography day, This day inspires all the beginner, advanced, professional photographer across the planet to capture & share even a single photograph with a friend, family and this world too. The day is celebrated as the art of taking photographs.  I wish all my reader capture or create the photograph and share with me if possible on this great occasion. Forget all the rules and boundaries of shooting. Sho

Which is more satisfying ?

  The important thing to know for all the photographers "Which is more satisfying factors" This is a quite difficult question to answer. There are end number of photographer with their 1000s of amazing photograph collection but still they are little confuse about their photographs, which photography factors satisfy them? In the beginning of my photography career, vivid colour was my first preference or vivid colour in the photograph always satisfy me then time started flying and the priority started keep on changing etc If you ask this question what satisfy you more, then there will be lots of things will keep on attacking to your mind like colours, framing, expensive camera kit, content, black & white, vivid colour, background, foreground, technicality, client satisfaction etc Gradually your liking and disliking start taking place into your photograph and gradually your photography career take off as per your choice of satisfaction.  Let's discuss the few importa

Be Prepared before shooting FLYING BIRD

Shooting bird is quite easy as comparing to flying bird, Why capturing flying bird is quite tough ? The simple reason is, NO PREPARATION at all. Most of the beginner photographer love to shoot the flying bird or Bird in Flight mode, but without preparation and preplanning etc, there all the effort goes waste when encounter with the bird in flight mode. As mentioned before that shooting without preparation espacially flying bird may be a biggest failure. There are lots of preparation tips are involved, which is absolutely beneficial for shooting flying birds. Try to shoot with these mentioning tips.  This article is about few important tips about preparing yourself before the shooting. Research - Must research bird's availability in the national park, bird sanctuary etc like which is the peak timing of the bird's availability or when they hunt for food or water etc, Then you must try to research about their timing in which time they fly like, like in the morning time, noon

Commercial Vs Editorial Photography

Most of the people are always confuse about commercial and editorial photographs. Even beginner photographers also confused sometimes. There is a huge difference between commercial and editorial photography. Let's clear the doubt about both the photography and understand the right genre wisely. Never mix both the genre together otherwise you will get confuse.    Commercial Photography - Those photographs used for marketing, to promote products, to promote sales & services, used for advertising always called commercial photography.  These photographs always work as strong tool for the marketing. Companies spend hell lot of money for photography, videography, concept and idea etc for brand promotion. Like Tv advertisements, magazines advertisements, big banner, big posters etc. These photographs are created, preplanned before the shoot and as per the client's requirement.  These photographs captured with the permission of models, location, legal permission etc. No photog

Sometime, Bad light works BETTER

Whenever we talk about the photography profession then most of the photographers always discuss the better light options, how to find out the better light conditions, how to create better light condition, what are the quick tips to shoot in the better light option. I have also seen beginner photographer always hunt for the better light to shoot, they spend lots of time and energy to explore better light. But here I would like to mention that sometime BAD light also work better than better light or perfect light.  See the above posted photograph, Monument - Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi, INDIA. It was dark inside the tomb, No light inside to shoot. The light is coming from the DOOR only. It was so tough to shoot or tough to manage the light because less source of the light. Anyhow I managed and I shot this tomb. Now see the result. It is now one of my favourite photographs.  The purpose of writing this article, No photographer try to shoot against the bad weather condition, bad light c

Not to fill the entire FRAME

What is fill the frame - Please view the above posted photographs of the building (INDIA)  See every corner of the photograph which is fully packed of the building content. There is no breathing space in the photographs. But that does not means the photographs has lost their inner beauty and not able to convey the message. It may be unique style of the photographer. I have see 1000s of photograph where filled photographs broken all the rules and regulation of the photography boundary. But filled frame overcome on the subject sometime exploit the subject and sometime introduce the wow factors of the photographs.  But, I am sharing the information on Not to fill the frame . It is purely photographer's decision while shooting the subject that shoot with filled frame or not to fill the entire frame. Both framing has its own advantages. Framing is the main key who bring out the message of the photographs. See below posted photograph. Not to fill the entire frame has few good advanta

Don't get everything in FOCUS always

Sometimes every beginner photographer try to shoot everything in Focus, means the photographer is more interested to capture  foreground, middle-ground, background in focus. But, following the same framing, same style might have bored to your viewers. Nothing new creative aspect for photographer. Now we have the technology that can help us to keep the main subject in the focus and rest can be out of focus. This techniques always help us to choose the main content of the subject and sometimes only the fraction of the subject  All my readers must plan one day of shooting with wide-open aperture means f/2, f/4 maximum. please stop shooting  at f/7, f/9 or more etc on that day. You have to shoot only in wide open aperture technique. This technique will introduce you with hidden aspects of photography. It will help you to groom as better photographer. Let's have a look on the advantages of the wide open aperture shooting.  Advantages of wide-open aperture  Wide-open aperture will alw

QUICK editing TIPS for mobile photos

  Nowadays shooting yourself from your mobile has become a TREND or in Trending. There are new youngsters are using mobile at their best or Smartphones are now the best buddy for all the youngsters. With whom youngsters loves to get up, sleep, roaming, picnic or everywhere where ever they are spending their time or life. From fun point of view, study point of view, off course self shoot point of view, the SMARTPHONE  has reserved their space in everybody's life. No smartphone No Life especially for the youngsters and Nobody has control over this. Enjoy with it but cautiously.  Today this article is about to edit your mobile photos. I have so many known youngsters who demand to know how can they edit their photographs and how they can look more good in their mobile photography. Especially girls are more keen to know about these feature because they shoot themselves frequently as compares to boys.  Let's follow few mobile editing tips( Find out editing option in your mobiles)

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