Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Shooting People with Glasses

  The Glasses, Goggles, Spectacles are the great fashion accessories for a fashion world, models and photography too. Glasses increase the grace of the people not only for himself or herself but according to photography point of view it changes the people's entire outlook. Which is really a great tool for people photography. But shooting people with the glasses is also a tough job sometimes it really irritates you to shoot when you open the photographs for the post-processing and you notice lots of problems like reflections, scratches, fingerprints, strains, out of focus etc and you have no option left. This problem can scrap your entire photoshoot and your client can ask to reshoot and Reshoot is a nightmare for all the photographers. I hate to reshoot. Why I am mentioning because this really irritates because even the smallest reflections, strains are visible sharply quite big on the people's glasses, which cannot be post-process at all.  I am sharing a few important tips to

Beginning for the Macro photography

Macro photography is one of the favourite subjects of the beginner because macro photography introduces the extreme close up shot of the insects, flowers and other smallest living or non-living things etc where the insect and other sizes look bigger than the actual size of the subject. But macro photography always requires  aesthetic as well as technical aspects. But I tell you if you find the interesting macro subject to shoot then nothing like this.  The important advantage of macro photography, you do not need expensive photography gears like other photography genres required. You can start to shoot with 35mm, 50mm lens along with the basic DSLRs. So you donot need to worry at all. There are a few important tips to follow to shoot better macro shots.  Let's discuss macro photography's tips to shoot better. Here I am not including composition techniques, aesthetics, framing, camera setting etc (already mentioned in the previous blogs) Must carry extra flash to shoot, because

Composition Techniques matters a LOT

The one and only one thing is COMPOSITION TECHNIQUE always reshape your subject, always gives new energy to the common subject, always speak from a different angle in a new language. I hope you agree with this, you can not always hunt/create/explore for the different subject but your different composition technique will always create something new, energetic, creative shot. Photographers never ever try to capture those existing thing which is visible to all humans but He always captures which is visible to him only by creating strong composition techniques. All the existing things are common for all the people but strong compositing technique converts that common thing into spacial, stunning, wow photographs. It purely depends on the photographer's creative eye.  I hope, most of the creative people watches Hollywood films and most of the Hollywood filmmaker uses the same locations but every time they compose the shot in different composition, angle etc and the entire shot look ama

Keep Motivating Yourself, Always

Once you are done with buying required photography kit then WHAT NEXT? I have a few suggestions for the beginner photographer how they can motivate themselves for a new beginning. You need to supercharge yourself if you are looking for better photography. There are so many ways which are directly and non-directly related to the better photography career.    There is one direct entry in the photography institute to learn more and grow more, If you do not have spare time to join any institute than we have other ways out to improve our photography level but there is pure hard work behind the better photography, there is no comfort zone spacially in the photography.  Let us follow a few important tips to supercharge yourself. Head towards the local park, monument, tourist place, wildlife sanctuary, fairs, exhibition etc to start to shoot and gain experience Join Photowalk group, Few photography groups are available on FB and they plan to shoot together and learn from each other, Good start

Best Photography Kit to Carry

When you are planning to become a photographer and you are at the beginner stage. The most important confusion always start with which photography kit. In the beginning, money plays a major role because you have to no saving, no investments, no earning source etc. this time you have to depend upon your parents, I guess I am right. This happens with everyone when you start a photography career. There are a number of people who always confuse you with their expert opinion, They always force you to buy an expensive kit, even they are not a photographer but they are always ready to advise you on anything.  Today I am going to mention a few important photography equipment with whom you can start your photography journey. There are 10000s of photography equipment, accessories etc are available in the market. Every seller is busy to sell you all the items, here your knowledge will help you to buy the correct items for your photography journey. Please choose wisely. Let's start to choose t

Focus on, What you can CONTROL

There are so many situations that make your photography mood out of control like these situations, technical-non technical issues, subject issue, weather problem, photography kit's problem, model's mood problem etc. Most of us has gone through these situations, some of them scrapped the shoot, some of them converted those situations into the successful shoot. It is up to you. These situations made you a better, matured, experienced, brilliant photographer and take your photography career at a peak level. Majority of photographer believes that we are going to get all the thing in systematically way to shoot but this is a myth. I always follow one quote "Plan for a better situation and get ready for the worst situation"  Let's discuss a few important things to avoid an unexpected situation. When things are not in control then focus on that area that can help you to shoot better and avoid cancelling the shoot.  Focus on, what can be achieved. If you have brought the

Few more tips for scouting locations for portrait shoot

We have more point to cover while scouting the location for the portrait shoot but these few important tips required when you are shooting big celebrities, big business tycoons and other famous personalities or required for advance photography level. As long as we grow in a photography career, we learn a lot of other things which is indirectly related to the photography career. This article is based on those indirect points.  Nowadays, few common things have become the backbone of businesses like your commitment, how quickly you finish your job, how efficiently you deliver the projects and what are those common and uncommon things which are repeating again and again to spoil your shoot, how you overcome on all those obstacles, problems (technical, non-technical, creative, non-creative). Let's discuss those important tips before you scout the location for a portrait shoot Finalize one location, spot. - When planning to scout location then finalize one location to shoot only, never

Finding Location for a Portrait Shoot

Finding a location for your models, humans, people photography etc is quite a difficult job. earlier shooting portrait inside the studio, hotels, and other indoor property was quite OK. Now the time has changed and even your model looks for the stunning shot along with the perfect background or mind-blowing location which enhances the beauty of the photographs. Finding a perfect outdoor location is also an important part of the portrait, model, portfolio photography. Perfect location improves your portrait photography too.  Let's discuss, how to find locations for your portrait photography  Visit the famous location - Must google for all the famous location near your studio or home like a monument, parks, tourist places etc then plan a short trip to visit all the location and take a test shot of all the interesting location(mobile shot will work). Once you have all the test shots of all the interesting places in your data then accordingly you can plan a shoot along with your mo

Understand Process too, Not only photography

Mostly beginner photographer and other photographers believe in only pressing the shutter button, capturing photography and their passion. Today I am not writing about only photography and its important tips but beyond this. Which carries an equivalent weight along with photography passion.  Most of the beginner photographer is quite confusing because they wanted immediate success, fruitful results, etc but your patience, business skills, technical knowledge, client handling, a great portfolio, understanding of light, project knowledge and many other things Every beginner photographer must understand the photography profession and its process, requirement etc Capturing stunning photographs is really a great passion but there is one major step is required to be a successful professional photographer. there is a prominent professional process which you need to understand and follow which is quite important for those who are taking photography seriously and looking forward to being a prof

Don’t Get Distracted by TRENDS

  I hope, In the beginning, we all are impressed by other photographer's profile, style, trend, photography genre etc. While interaction with the beginner photographer, they always discuss other photographer's work and wanted to follow them. It is ok with it because following other photographer's work is not at all wrong. But observe yourself that one day you will be a photocopier rather than photographer. Seriously, At the beginning of the career, we always take inspiration from the renowned photographer and learn from them. But most of the photographer ends up with a photography career because they follow the same photography genres, same rules and regulation, same creativity etc to whom they have taken photography classes, inspiration, and other informative, creative knowledge etc because they think they can be at the same level after some time if they follow the same thing what they have learned. But sometimes breaking rules, trend, creative bars are also known as photo

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