Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

FOREGROUND in the Photography

While shooting, we tend to forget the empty space, dull content which appears before the subject. It is the photographer's nature that everybody ignores the magic of the foreground. But I tell you that foreground carries a weightage as equal to the background or other important content in the photographs. One thing I would like to mention that complete photographs cover foreground, middle ground and background. See the above-posted photograph which covers the sand, lake and small rocks along with people photographing.  We have so many contents that convert a simple photograph into a stunning photograph. While this conversion foreground plays a major role in the photograph that we must understand while shooting.  Let us discuss this foreground element and how we can shoot better photographs by adding a foreground element.  Notice or observation - When you are planning to shoot travel, street and other photography genres then the first job is to notice the foreground or any place, tr

Fear of MISSING OUT in the photography

The most important fear always faced by the photographer. This fear urge photographer to make mistakes, downfall in the business, losing the clients and gradually photographer disappear eventually from the market. That's really SAD. Today I am writing this article to wake up the photographer those are distracted from other's decision, other's trends, other's mindset etc.   Most of the photographer follow other photographer's trend, their business diversification, their business model etc. Let's discuss this important fear and try to come out of this if we are truly passionate about photography.  Today's T r e n d s Nowadays the photographers are selling cameras and photography accessories along with their photography business, I know few photographers have taken a camera manufacturing dealership etc to earn extra money. Photographer selling photography classes to new generations, beginner photographers etc Photographer selling new photography post-processing

BEWARE, Share Less online

  This article is not related to photography, photography's tips and other important techniques to shoot. But this article is really important for those whomsoever are ready to share their photos online without FEAR. Recently I have come across one scaring news (Zee News - INDIA) based on sharing photos online. Now It is my duty to share this information with all my blog reader and my photographer students etc.  Let's discuss this unseen and unexpected problem of selfie lover, beginner photographer etc. Important Fact - Once the photographs (any format) are posted online, social media platforms etc. Those photos can be misused and that material cannot be deleted from online even if you go via legal proces s, you do not even know that legal process can take hell lot of time, energy and money. You must think twice before you post your photos online. Every day 180 CRORES photos are posted every day (Zee News - INDIA) DEEP FAKE - Once the photographs are posted then It is quite eas

Freshening Angles in photography

  Finding freshening angles in photography is purely depending on your creative eye. Once you are done with all the photography technology, photography equipment, photography tips etc. Now your freshening angles give you more weightage to your photography career and upgrade you always. Sometimes finding new angles is a difficult job because every time shooting with new angles becomes so hectic, but we have no other options, If the photographer doesn't upgrade himself with new angles then this may be a dangerous sign for his career.  I hope, you agree with this opinion. I must tell you one thing and everyone should start believing in this. " THERE IS NO INSTITUTE WHO TEACH YOU CREATIVE" You yourself has to find out the better creative and freshening angles to shoot. I am sharing a few tips to shoot fresh angles. Let's Discuss the freshening angle's tips. Shoot from waistline - When you have to shoot wide-angle, then I suggest you to try to shoot from your waistlin

Safety First, On the location

Whenever we have a contract to shoot, Whenever we are going for pre-planning or while we are shooting. There is one important feature which is always hidden in completing your photography project that is called SAFETY, This safety is not related to your photography equipment, It is hardcore related to the photographer life. I must tell you sometimes we all photographer skipped this feature in our profession.  We all photographer always dared to shoot in any worst, challenging and any life-threatening situation. I hope you all agree with this. Some photographer always thinks that SHOT SHOULD NOT BE MISSED in any case and any situation. But I do not support this thought at all because life is important than any shot or anything.  We must take care of ourselves spacially on-location shoot. I am sharing some safety features to follow when you are out to shoot or shooting Industrial, Interiors, pre-weddings and wedding, wildlife, nature, travel etc. I am mentioning a few important safety me

Finding pattern, lines, path etc

  There are lots of creatives contents are hidden in this world, When you are planning to shoot outside or shooting for travel, nature, building, etc. There are lots of patterns that are hidden quietly and now it is our job how to find that interesting pattern out of this existing world. This patter could be straight lines, straight road, curves, symmetrical pattern, zigzag pattern, leading lines, intersection, reflection etc. These all are visible in front of that photographer who dares to explore. Let discuss how you can find the pattern out of the present locations. Keep changing the shooting spot - Never ever stick to your shooting spot, keep changing your shooting spot until or unless you find out the unique pattern. See the below-posted image and notice the diagonal lines of the building. The building was straight but changed the perspective view and the entire photograph is different.  Use wide-angle lens - Wide angles lens introduce more hidden creatives, more symmetric pattern

Backdrop's role in Food Photography

As we all know that food is a very important thing in everybody's life, even play a major role in Hotel & Resort industry because after all the exclusive, comfortable services every customer wanted to have a sumptuous and tasty food. Food photography also cover an important portion of the photography world. We should never underestimate "Food Photography"  The photographer cannot cook good tasty food but he has the ability to show mouth-watering photographs through his eyes. When you talk about mouth-watering photographs than one important thing always play a major role in food photography that is called Backdrop, the base of the food or where you place or keep your food items to shoot.  I have noticed where food is really good but kept on the worst, less interesting base or backdrop which confuse or distract viewers. Today I am writing this article about the interesting backdrop's role in the food photography genres.   Let's discuss the backdrop to shoot more

Sense of Cooperation ?

One of the important tool, which always works efficiently behind your photography, your company and within your team, your co-workers, sometimes your client's team. You cannot buy this tool from anywhere but you have to generate, establish within your team to  brand yourself as a professional photographer.   This tool is called a SENSE of COOPERATION , this tool helps you to establish your company, name, and the journey of the company. Must notice that without this tool No company, joint venture, profession and any business ever rise. I am writing this article which is not directly related to the photography, photography tool, tips and techniques, technology etc. But this article plays a major role in anybody's profession. One must have this tool in his team.  Let's discuss the sense of cooperation  Team works  - Efficient team is always responsible for the success of the company. When the shoot is final then your team must be efficient about your requirement for the shoot,

Explore UNEXPLORED subjects

  When everything is closed due to COVID19 epidemic like public places, wildlife sanctuary, national park, travel locations etc even client is little scare to assign photography project to the photographers. But being a photographer it is our job to shoot in the unexpected situation, need to explore unexplored or unidentified places or subjects.  I have seen so many photographs and 9 out of 10 photos are common, repetition photographs but every beginner photographs start from the same subject like shooting flowers, birds, common public places etc. Today I am writing this article to explore unexplored &  unidentified  places subject which will groom you like a different photographer. See the above-posted image of the shoes, I shot it in the under-construction building. I shot so many other shots too but this is one of my favourite shot. Let's discuss the important steps to explore unexplored or  unidentified  subjects. Let's began to explore the unexplored places or subject.

PEOPLE Photography's TIPS

  Few important tips or little important information may help you to shoot people in a better way. Though I am not covering portrait or portraiture tips to shoot model, celebrities and other renowned personalities in this article. This article about how you can shoot people in daily routine life, street, travel photography. Sometimes, your deep knowledge can capture the brilliant shot.  Most photographers are comfortable shooting still life, flowers, buildings etc but when they are about to shoot people or woman figure, woman smile, body language etc. They start shivering and start doing mistakes in the shooting. I tell you with the small knowledge, basic camera settings and shooting tips can give you good photographs. These tips are also helpful for mobile users. Let us discuss the few important tips to shoot people better. Change the position - When found the people or human subject to shoot then do not jump into the continuous shutter pressing. Must roam around the subject to finali

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