Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Never Leave a LOCATION

"Never leave the Location" I hope this title may sound you little different. But I assure you this is one of the important things to remember when you are on the indoor shoot or outdoor shoot. When I have understood this then I realize this importance of this topic, that improved my photography level. Maybe you will be a little confused about this topic and not leaving location how can help the photographer to improve your photography.  Let's discuss how "not leaving location can help"  Indoor Shoot - When shooting products, models, portrait and other. When the shoot is finished and you are about to pack-up. So here I advise that never ever pack up so quickly. Follow a few important steps before leaving the studio or location. Check all the photographs like carefully like focus, lighting, background and must check that you have shot the things as per your client's requirement. That part is very important if you leave the studio or location without checking

Types of Photographer ?

Whenever we introduce ourselves as a photographer to the clients, people and others. We probably encounter with one common question " are you a professional photographer or freelancer?" This question confused you to answer and even you ask yourself the same question. But there is no confusion at all, it is just a matter of understanding the difference in between both types of photographer.  Today we are going to discuss the types of photographer, I hope, this article going to clear your doubt about types of photographer.  Amateur/beginner Photographer- This photographer shoot for the fun, enjoyment etc and shoot the family, friend etc and enjoy the art photography. They preserve the memory, moments in a shape of photographs for so long. They shoot with the current camera like mobile, digital and hardly carry DSLRs or any professional camera. They do not opt the photography as a career but they enjoy the photography. They do not care about photography technology, equipment, ba

Introduce your Updated Version

Outdated and updated are two versions of photography and life also who always act together, one factor introduces after the second-factor dilute fully. I am sure all of you must be noticing upgraded version in mobile, cars, computer, camera, lenses, and end number of other things who always require updates to work efficiently and supports you in a better way.  This article is not about the introduction of the software updates, but being a photographer we also required updates in our photography skills, kits, understand and delivery of the project too. Mostly photographer hardly updates their skill and never thought of this so far. they shoot the same genre under the same comfort zone with the same photography style & post-processing skills, same shooting style etc. Recently, I have met a few wedding photographers and noticed their camera and other equipment. Seriously I was shocked because no equipment was maintained at all, cameras were in a pathetic condition with full of scratch

Editorial & Commercial Photographs?

I hope, beginner photographer must have face this awkward situation when somebody asked them, do you shoot for editorial or commercial??. All the photographer must be knowing about commercial photography but very few of them knows about editorial photography. Even I came to know very late about editorial photographs when Getty images asked me to submit my photographs as editorial. I must tell you editorial photographs has a very important, significant room in the photography. One must also shoot for the editorial genres, if not started then plan to shoot and visit interiors of villages, fairs, small town, street, old hidden places etc.  let's take a short and crisp informative move on the difference between editorial and commercial photography. This will definitely clear your doubts if have.  Requirement - Editorial images required for the print media, publication, textbook, essay, documentaries, editorial features etc to tell a story (series of photographs) along with the text to

Way of the correction to the photographs?

When someone or your viewers, the client applause your photograph like OMG! what a great, stunning photograph you have captured, you are a great photographer. A proud moment for all of us. It feels so good, awesome, happy, encouraging, motivating etc. I have a habit to ask for the testimonial if the client appreciates my work and he/she is fully satisfied with the work.  Now let's talk about the opposite side of this situation when your photographs & shoot fails to impress your clients spacially, your viewers etc. What will be your reaction? We will be having these reaction mentioned below. Maybe, your viewers have no knowledge of photography Your friend has a habit of criticizing your photographs at all the time. The client describes me the requirement as I shot but now the requirement is changed. It may happen.  But top of this, You actually know very well where you went wrong in capturing the photograph, what was the mistakes in the photographs. Mentioning below the mistakes

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary Photograph

Everything like location, model, products, animal, bird, sky, fire, lightning etc all are found ordinary before you view, focus, visit, shoot etc. I hope you all agree with this quote but the moment you change your point of view to read/ that particular subject that moment converts ordinary to the extraordinary subject for the viewers. Being a human, being a photographer we all are limited to everything like we can move to any wildlife sanctuary but most of the animals or species are common. We can travel to so many destinations but the mountain, water, sky, plants, trees, river, monuments all are same. We can shoot celebrities, model, famous personality but the human body is the same as all the proportionate. We can plan to shoot all the street but all the street's content is the same mostly. Means we all are shooting all ordinary content but your creative, different, out of the box point of view convert that subject from ordinary to  Extraordinary  A journey from ordinary to extr

Beneficial Light Is Always Better

Light is the backbone of the photography as we all photographer knows. Even lots of renowned photographer writes about the quality of light, types of lights, positioning of the light, focused light etc. Thanks for their contribution to spreading knowledge worldwide. In my humble opinion or what I feel about the light that is Benafitial light is always better a good light. We all photographer always discuss the good light but here I would like to mention humbly  that good light is not always enough to shoot better , we must look for the beneficial light to create magic in the photography . This light must add benefits to your subject and photograph, must enhance the subject beautifully. It must add a better message to the subject.  What is beneficial light - Light that creates charisma to your photographs, Light uplift the meaning of your photographs. This light creates directions, shadows, curves etc and can be created by the light itself called beneficial light. A simple definition o

Balance and Imbalance of a PHOTOGRAPH

Balancing and Imbalancing of that photographs also contribute to the stunning images. I would like to mention that sometimes the absence of balancing creates havoc in the photographs, also introduce the photographer's immaturity to the viewers. It is true! What makes your photograph imbalance, Let us discuss. You must know a few basic things that you have capture as per your sixth sense or you have to train your eyes according to the balancing content. Your entire photograph, photograph's message, photograph's meaning absolutely depends upon the balancing of the image.  May be, Your subject is really amazing, colour temperature and other technicalities are also fine, but poor composition/ im-balancing can spoil your entire image. Before you go ahead to learn other all technicalities you must train your eyes to capture the balance images.  Balancing the images depends upon your composition, picture space, proportion etc let's discuss it in little details Picture Space -

Shoot to INSPIRE, Not to IMPRESS

I have seen 10000s of the photograph in my life, I have a habit to observe photos all around me, it does not matter the medium. The medium can be electronics, print, media, entertainment industry etc but the inspiration and impression always matter for me to educate myself. Being a photographer, It is our prime duty to shoot to impress or shoot to inspire. What we choose that develops as per our choice. I have noticed so many photographs which is been published on the social media platform to impress the people, friends, family only. I have also met so many beginner photographers to discuss this "Inspire & Impress" topic. But most of them, shoot to impress to their circle, community etc and sometimes to impress the clients. In my humble opinion, When we are shooting to impress others then we are highlighting/capturing the outer carving, outer eye-catchy, outer beauty's details of the subject and avoid to get involved in the deep of the subject. Let's have a look a

It Takes Time, Photography

Like the Sun rises after a long-struggling night, A light spread where the darkness is available. The most important thing is that there are successes and achievements after a long hard work, 100% FOCUS like a crane,   alertness, learning, patience, experiments, understanding the facts, technical aspects, tools, endless knowledge, experience and above all   "The Opportunity and Support from the right people" Here is spacial advice for those who have no patience, please never ever opt photography as a career, even if you are shooting as a hobbyist photographer then also patience is required. I wanna tell every photographer those are going to pick photography as a career, photography is not a two minutes job or noodles , camera sensor captures the image at a higher speed and at a less time but behind this quicky process, there are many years invested, lots of knowledge, patience, learning, experiment, creatives, correction, tools, post-processing and above all the strong willpo

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