Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Sometimes, hate to hear!

It's been almost 10-12 years of working as a professional photographer, worked successfully for so many renowned, medium segment and small clients. thanks to all for giving me a great opportunity. Today I am writing this article based on the interaction with the clients which often takes place before the shoot or moreover Its a deep discussion where clients guide photographer to shoot as per their photography knowledge. That advice from the clients sometimes I hate to hear. It is a tough time for all  photographers  to respond to the clients.  I am sure, every professional photographer must have gone through this situation. The beauty of this situation is to listen and follow the photography tips from your clients, which is sometimes very hilarious. It purely depends upon the photographer's intellectual knowledge to convert a client's opinion into the right direction of photography. Please never ever try to teach your client but share your correct knowledge to make him unde

Stay Creative, Connected & Enthusiastic

Being in this epidemic situation, When no client is available to meet, no public places are opened to shoot, no models are available for a portrait shoot, no industry/factory are opened, no product shoot etc. Now the situation is very pathetic because of COVID19. NOW, we all are looking for healthy survival. We all know that this situation is existing for everyone and everywhere. people are really scaring to go out for meeting people, attending seminar etc.  But Nevermind, We have to fight against this COVID19 and win over this situation sooner.  In this situation, we have to keep ourselves motivated, creative, connected, enthusiastic and happy. Being a photographer we must keep ourselves busy in a few things that can help us to grow as a photographer. Let's discuss these few points to follow. Photography's equipment - Find out the latest photography equipment and accessories etc that can add improvements to your photography. Explore and learn about new technology, post-proces

Better Selfies Techniques

SELFIES are called self-portrait too , The most important requirement of the new and young generation. They do not need anything in their smartphones but they only required a good camera who can capture them nicely everywhere to share with their friends. It is now a fashion even I have noticed my family member spending time to capture selfies instead of communications or enjoying the family function. They don't want to be disturbed at all. That their requirement.  So lets stopped discussing their habits and focus on the better selfies techniques.   It does not matter at all that which camera you are carrying, the matter is your small knowledge to capture better selfies. there are few important techniques can help you to capture better. I am not going into too many details otherwise my reader can ger confused.  Let's discuss and follow the few important tips.  Check the background, It must be cleaned and should not include other person or unwanted things in the framing.  The l

Frame per second, FPS?

What is the FPS? I am sure most of the photographer and videographer must have heard this word FPS. Well, FPS full foam is FRAME PER SECOND and its refer frame rate and it is used to measured how many frames are captured in one second. I am sure whenever you have bought your DSLRs and camera seller must have introduced the option/feature called FPS or frame per second.  In still photography, it refers to how many images can be captured in a burst. Let's discuss FPS's advantages (Photography and Videography) and how this feature can support for better and improvement in photography.  Advantages (Photography) - FPS feature supports you to capture 6-7 shots by the shutter button is depressed once . It means if your subject is speedy or fast-moving then these features allow you to shoot 6-7 photos of the subject in one single go. Mostly sports photographer use this feature and they buy only those cameras who can capture 7-8 shot or more in one single go. If you choose the small re

Shooting Butterfly is an ART

Finding a butterfly is a great object to shoot.  I tell you shooting a butterfly covers lots of other photography genres like Macro, Speedy subject, Nature, Species etc. This assignment grooms you as a better photographer. Now how can we shoot the butterfly beautifully?  Let us discuss the few important tips to shoot the butterfly.  Know the location - Find out the garden, national park, butterfly park etc where different types of butterfly can be seen or can be captured. This is your first job to do, now take the Google help to hunt.  Lens type (macro VS zoom) - I do not advice to carry macro lens like 100mm, 85mm, 50mm etc. The reason is whenever you go close to the butterfly to shoot then the butterfly will definitely fly away, these butterflies are so scary from everything even they do not sit at the same place for so long, keep moving here and there, so this in this fastest situation macro lens fails to shoot. Here I suggest always carry a ZOOM lens like 70-200mm, 55-300mm, 150-6

What is Over-Saturation/Vibrance ?

Sometimes ignorance of the colours, Ignorance or less knowledge of the Hue, saturation and luminous can kill all your photography project and your efforts to shoot. Understanding the colour and skill of colour correction actually add your extra addition to creativity. Most of the beginner photographer set the colour option "VIVID" in their camera, Always keep on shooting on this mode But they don't know that they are killing their photos and convert their images into UNNATURAL PHOTOs. Well, sometimes these mistakes teach them better and practice always wins.  What is the saturation or vibrance in the photograph -  Increase in the intensity of colour and add the higher saturation or make your photo more vivid called over-saturated/vibrance . Lower the colour saturation goes towards the GREY and make photograph more communicating.  It takes time to understand the correct colour management, In the beginning every beginner photographer always attracts to the VIVID colour mode

Finding the Root Cause

This article is about confusing questions of the beginner photographer, Which problem they face while shooting at the beginning like this how to understand the subject, camera setting and photography accessories etc. Whenever I meet beginner/hobbyist or whenever I have the photography class. I faced these types of the questions mentioned frequently   WHY, My photographs never comes better. My photographs colour are always disappointed me My photographs do not speak so well and do not get likes and comments on social media etc Viewers never like my photos or hardly likes My photos always are shaken when I capture the speedy subject My lens is cheap and not having a professional camera Where to shoot, what to shoot etc Should I use/buy high-end professional camera and lenses? We have no good location to shoot.  Here, I would like to mention that "Never ever compare your photographs with other professional photographs''   Main problems started from here w

Importance of a camera STRAP ( Side or Shoulder Strap)

This article is not about photography's article, tips and tricks, lighting and others. This article is about one of the important photography accessories called Camera's SIDE, SHOULDER, SLING  STRAP. I have seen so many beginners/hobbyist photographer hanging their camera in their neck and suffer from the neckache or other problem.  There are so many straps are available in the market like HAND STRAP, CROSSBODY STRAP, Side strap, Neck strap ETC  and also available in different materials like cotton, nylon, leather etc and one can choose as per their conveniences and budget etc But I strongly advised to avoid the neck strap to hang your camera and its weight spacially when using heavy lenses.  See the below-posted image                      Why mostly photographer uses the neck strap? I guess the reason is to use the neck strap is always comes free with the camera body. Mostly photographer avoids buying a new camera strap and used the freebies . Here, I would

Reflection Always Surprise You

One of my favourites travelling/nature photography content or subject that is only and only shooting the reflections in the water or hunt for the reflections. One single shot gives you twice great symmetry, mirroring, harmonious photograph along with having a great balance composition. You need not go out for any specific location to shoot, this reflection can be found in the raining situation too. You can start with that too and can understand the challenges that you may face.  I am hoping that you all love reading this article because of its unique content called REFLECTIONS. Let start discussing reflection and how can you shoot the reflection in a better way.  Prefer Vertical shot - Mostly photographer prefer to shoot horizontally But being a professional photographer I humbly suggest that please compose the shot vertically. I am sure you will find definite more stunning photographs along with more reflection and more beautiful content . See the above-posted bot

Try to shoot the PET

As we all know that we are suffering through the epidemic (COVID19) situation and we all are HOUSE ARRESTED or in LOCKDOWN.  It is such a pathetic condition for a  photographer too. Well, let's focus on the shoot and subject. This article for those beginner photographers/ mobile photographer having pets in the family. I think the pet is the best subject to shoot in this lockdown situation. Let us plan to shoot the pets  Before you plan to shoot the pets, I am mentioning a few important points to go through and this will definitely help you shoot at a better level.  Let's discuss the few important points Introduction of the camera - First of all, Introduce your camera to your pet so that it feels more comfortable when you shoot otherwise they can be scared.  Setup the camera setting - The pets are very quick and fast movable animals and can change their position as quick as fast than camera's speed. It is photographer duty to set their camera at a high

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