Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Try to shoot the PET

As we all know that we are suffering through the epidemic (COVID19) situation and we all are HOUSE ARRESTED or in LOCKDOWN.  It is such a pathetic condition for a  photographer too. Well, let's focus on the shoot and subject. This article for those beginner photographers/ mobile photographer having pets in the family. I think the pet is the best subject to shoot in this lockdown situation. Let us plan to shoot the pets  Before you plan to shoot the pets, I am mentioning a few important points to go through and this will definitely help you shoot at a better level.  Let's discuss the few important points Introduction of the camera - First of all, Introduce your camera to your pet so that it feels more comfortable when you shoot otherwise they can be scared.  Setup the camera setting - The pets are very quick and fast movable animals and can change their position as quick as fast than camera's speed. It is photographer duty to set their camera at a high

Great! Morning Light

As per my photography experience & experiments, Here I am happy to share my opinion that morning light has no option , No extra photography lighting accessories, softboxes. reflectors etc required to shoot because nature is providing all the ready material to shoot  See the above-posted image of the KINGFISHER, shot in the early morning at Sultanpur Bird sanctuary, INDIA The advantages or greatness of the morning light, It gives you the perfect soft light and less brightness and helps you to take out the details of the photographs. As long as morning light's timing goes at higher and the amount of brightness or intensity started increasing. More brightness can compel to use other photography lighting accessories like diffuser etc. More brightness gives you more contrast. You should very well plan your shoot and must pack-up before the timing means avoid brightness in the light.  If you are looking to capture charisma seriously in your photographs then this artic

Better Compositions tips

What is composition? I hope you all know or aware of the importance of the composition in photography. Well, let's take a quick look into this. "The art of placing your subject into your photograph called COMPOSITION" It purely depends upon the photographer's creative sense, how he placed the subject in the photo interestingly and capture the stunning shot. Means, your strong artistry must come in your composition or photographs.  When a photographer shoots without thinking, without playing with a composition in that case photograph will not be more than a snapshot. In the layman language, It is a composition that produces a strong IMAGE. Let's discuss the few important things that make your composition more strongest.  1. The rule of third -- Common composition, simply divide the photograph with two horizontally and two vertical lines . Then Place the subject interesting where the four lines intersect each other and choose one interestin

Photograph Must SPEAK.

All the photographers work only for the one common Interest/reason, that is none other than 'Photograph Must Speak' "Photographs must communicate so well"  Being a photographer that is our only aim or duty to communicate the message through our photographs. I hope you all agree with this point of view. Few of my students, friends use to call me and wanna know only the camera setting, camera model,  which lens is good etc and never ask to capture meaningful images, But they are right also up to a certain extent because they are all beginners.  Now the question is "How to capture the meaningful images" which help you create a message/story for your viewers through your stunning shots.  Observation - Everything based on the observation like you observe the laugh, smile, anger, sports, human expression, sometimes no face but other body parts, vehicle, train, animals, pets, nature, natural, wild, monument, city etc there are endless subjects ar

When camera setting DISTURBED?

A Nightmare, After the shoot when the photographer comes to know about the camera's setting disturbance. When the photographer is ready to edit the images and he found that photographs were shot on the HIGH ISO causing too many grains, Shot on the low shutter speed causing shake, Used incorrect aperture causing background blurred/distracted, incorrect focus etc. One of these settings is enough to spoil your photography assignment or project and sometimes career too. Better behave properly with a camera the settings.  It happens with everyone at the beginning of the career. I shot the entire travel shoot at high ISO 500 with the F4 aperture setting. Still, I remember the pain of the loss of all the travelling photographs. But what to do, these experiences convert you as a better photographer. I hope you all agree on this. Never feel dishearten and never think that you cannot be a good photographer if anybody of you faces the setting disturbance in your shoot. Mistakes mak

Combination of Lights?

What is a combination of the light, I guess its quite confusing to understand correctly. When you are going to shoot in 2-3 different colourful lights situation and all light combine together,  It is called a combination of light . A photographer who shoots for the Interior or real estate project or where you find different type of outdoor and indoor light, colourful, any other  interesting  light together . Now it is  photographer job to  managing/shoot all the light together or combination of lights to shoot the stunning shot. I must tell you that it is a challenging job.  What to do when we find all different light together to shoot. let's follow important steps to deal with them correctly.  Pre-visit the location - Always pre-visit the location to check all the light condition  in advance to plan accordingly to carry all your required photography equipment. Please write the light condition in details to understand into deep to shoot. I always advise that every pho

Photo-Features Photography?

What is features photography - A series, a collection of photos which expressed a story without any caption, title or any other writing skills to convey the message to the viewers but creates a headline story. A collection of 4-5 images are interwoven or interconnected to express the story . That's called Photo features. I hope you must have heard this word or this photography category in your life span. well, there are lots of other things to discuss regarding this genre.  Let's discuss the few important points  Who Requires - Mostly photo feature category is covered by the news/photojournalist/sports photographers and Described as news image that supplements the HEADLINES STORIES which covers in-depth stories for the viewers, newspaper/magazine readers/web content etc. I hope you must have seen, observe the war, epidemic, casualties, famous personalities images  in the newspaper, magazines, website etc Sometimes News channel's photographer shoot phot

Shake the Camera, INTENTIONALLY

I hope, the title of this article may shake you also. Maybe, few of my blog reader must be surprised with this article. I have written/mentioned/warned in my previous blogs that "Never shake your camera" Also given you so many different setting to avoid camera shake. This article is about to shake/move your camera intentionally and see the results. Please read this article seriously and shake your camera and see the great results.  It is an altogether different exercise/experiments for all the beginner/hobbyist photographer or I must say it is a fun-loving exercise. This exercise will also train you to shoot in the crowded place and your shooting experience will gear you for better photography.  Let us discuss the few important steps to shake your images. Please follow the below-mentioned steps. Find the crowded location, please try to shoot at the speed at 1/10th of a second or more longer. When shooting in low light condition, Try to zoom in or zoom o

Indoor things to shoot while LOCKDOWN

Indian Cold Drink (Lassi) We all know that we all are staying in homes in this epidemic situation & I must advise, we must stay at home and try to protect ourselves at our best. Well, today writing this article only for the beginner photographer or those who love shooting photograph with their smartphones. We all know, we have to spend this time doing the interesting positive activity as per our true interest.  It is also very important for a photographer to explore/identify the things available in their homes to shoot. The result of exploring things will give you a strong observation power to shoot even for your professional projects.  My Glasses and My Coffee Mug Let's discuss to find more interesting things to shoot. I assure you, will more interesting indoor things like mentioned below. 1. Cutlery set, keep it in a creative way on the dining table and shoot. 2. Shoot food whatever your mother, wife and you but keep it a more appetising way.  3

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