Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Confusion, Studio lights??

I hope, Finding suitable strobe/studio light for your studio set-up is quite confusing, sometimes it is a nightmare because of every studio light dealer, photography article, your photographer friend circle and so many other people who confuse you by giving different & irrelevant advice.  This article is about to clear your doubts before you buy the strobe lighting or help you to buy the correct strobe lights for your photography assignment and project.   Let's follow the simple tips to buy the lights. What you shoot - Before you go to the market you must know in advance that you require the strobe light for which photography genres like portrait, product, baby, Interiors, Exteriors, fashion or you are hobbyist photographer. Once you know your genres in details then this will help you to buy the correct light because you know your requirement correctly. Understand the WATT - When you start finalizing/sourcing/survey the strobe, there is one more confusion

Focal lengths and its angles?

I hope you all aware of the focal length of your current lens. I have also written the article about the focal length earlier also and wrote the definition of focal length and other important details. Please visit this link to know more about the article if not read earlier. ( ) Now you may ask me the question, why again I am writing an article on the focal length's details. You are right but this article is more detailed about the focal length and its angle and which lens covers how much area at what angle.  Let's discuss the lens's focal length and its other properties. Please go through the diagram posted above on the top and start reading or observing carefully.  Once again I am writing the definition of focal length for the quick ref. A distance between the image sensor and the subject is called the focal length. I hope this is all clear or understood to everyone in advance.  Fisheye le

Grid in Photography?

I hope you must have heard this name "GRID" several times in the world of photography and must excite you to explore "what is this grid". Well, our today topic is to explore Grid, what is this and why we use this in the photography and what are the effects while using this. Is this really useful for the photoshoot?  The Grid is one of the light accessories, light modifier and looks like in the shape of the honeycomb and whose job is to create a dramatic, soft light effect on to your subject. Grid controls the light and the area of coverage.   This grid easily fits in front of the light, reflectors, softboxes to create the soften light.  As our job is to create amazing light effects, stunning photographs by using different light modifiers as discussed in my earlier blogs too. The grid is one of them and which can be used to creates dramatize photographs. The grid is quite cheap and can be attached to your softbox, the metal grid can be attached to yo

GEL in photography?

I hope, few of beginner photographer would have hardly heard this word Photography Gel ever? Because gel sounds something liquid foam and how a photographer can add a liquid thing to the photography's equipment or photography. Even I understood the same things in the beginning but when I see this gel physically then I understood it clearly. let's understand this GEL how someone can add this gel creatively to the photography. Photography Gel - It is a transparent coloured film plastic sheet or transparent material .   Which modify the lights, create dramatic lights for photography and cinematography. It is placed on the light source to create creative light effects, There are two types of gels. Colour Correction Gels and non-corrective  - Color correction is the t echnique of matching and balancing colours throughout your film . It is used when you are shooting with multiple light sources and you need to correct the light to get the balanced and better shots. Colour e

Beauty dish in Photography?

As long as you start getting involved in the photography world as much as you introduced yourself with new photography technologies, new modifiers, new accessories, new content, new genres etc means to write that there is no end of the photography. I hope you must have noticed one posted an interesting photograph above, Yeah! that is our today's article. It is one of the interesting light modifier called beauty dish in our photography world, What is a beauty dish? - A shallow parabolic disc which is attached to a light source, you will find one plate which is covering the flash head. It causes the light to reflect back to the base. The Light will   spill out to the sides of the main dish and aimed/hit forward to your subject because of the size and curvature of the dish. It's a simple definition to write, But I suggest you see this beauty disc physically near your any photography shop then you can really understand the mechanism.  Beauty dish's performance - 

Reflectors in Photography

As we all know, there are two types of lights in the photography, 1st is Natural light, 2nd is artificial light. Mostly photographer prefers natural light and enjoys the best of it. But sometimes artificial light plays a major role in the world of photography.  The Reflector is the major tools who add the magical quality of lights to photography. One must know how to to use it, required sizes?, The material of the reflector. All this important knowledge helps you to improve your photography by adding a reflector's job. Choose right reflector -   The reflectors to provide a soft fill light so please buy it wisely, It is one of the difficult tasks to choose or find out the right reflector for your photography need. There are all sizes available in the market, small to the large reflector, All shapes are available like round, rectangular, triangular etc.   Colours available Gold, silver and white etc and combinations of all three colours are also available with names lik

Umbrella in Photography?

When a beginner photographer starts their photography career, the first thing they buy along with a camera that is none other than the UMBRELLA . The first photography accessories to buy ever. First accessories help you to spread, soften  & diffuse the light on to your subject.  The photography umbrellas are cheap and portable to buy. These are one of the inexpensive diffusers which spread the light,  Allowing for off-camera lighting without the hard and harsh shadows. Also, like to mention that umbrella is the only accessories which are misused often. But using it incorrect way can give you great desired results.  When planning to buy an umbrella, then a beginner photographer must be cleared about the buying of type of umbrella-like Shoot through umbrella or Reflective umbrella. But I suggest you must buy both of it, this really works better in all the outdoor or indoor condition.  Reflective umbrella (Silver) - I t gives maximum output like crisp, harness

SOFT BOX in photography

What is softbox?  I hope every photographer knows or beginner photographer may not aware of this. A photography accessories/device which work between harsh light and the subject and the purpose of the softbox is to DIFFUSE the light into a pleasing soft light.    Theoretical language- A softbox is comprised of translucent/transparent cloth and attached to a light source (usually a  studio strobe or speedlight ) on a light stand. The cloth, white or silver for the interior and black for the exterior, is wrapped around a wire-framed box covered over the front with a diffusion panel. The black exterior prevents light from spilling out and reflecting back in the studio .  The light transfer from the strobe or Speedlight is bounced around the fabric box and scattered in all directions inside the box At the beginning of your photography career, you must not hesitate to buy the softboxes because these are the few accessories and which really performs better for your photogr

SNOOT in Photography?

In the photography world, There are so many different types of lighting accessories and light shaping tool introduce in the market every day. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to keep all the light accessories in mind before planning the shoot and not possible to have all the light shaping tool under one roof. But being a professional photographer we need to know most of the interesting technology, devices and other up-gradation that can boost your photography style and your level of photography.  I hope you must have heard about the Snoot (light shaping tool) if not then let's discuss the snoot and how this small light shaping tool/accessory can create wonder in photography and how can benefit to the photographer.  What is the Snoot - The Snoot is a light shaping tool and it is a single beam light and a small source of light, which attaches in front of the studio light, portable flash to spill a creative light on to your subject. The purpose of attaching this snoot

Lighting Technique Tips

What is the perfect light condition to shoot indoor or outdoor?  I have been always asked this question whenever I meet beginner photographer/students etc. B ehind every perfect light condition, t here are so many lighting methods, lighting tips, lighting accessories available in the photography world. But these are the really final techniques for lighting ?????? REThink over it . I do not think that there is any predefined final or perfect light condition available. Always remember that Perfect light condition may be for the current shoot but not all the indoor shoot. Every shoot's light definition is different but knowledge of a few light techniques cannot serve to all the photography shoot. Remember! My advice, Stop following the perfect lighting tips. please start creating your own creative lighting ideas, Maybe your creatives idea are better than other photographer's lighting tips. It is always happening because the new generation photographer thinks better som

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