Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Tips to shoot fashion shows

The fashion show is a collection of the designer's dresses and worn by celebrities, models, sometimes kids etc and showcase the entire range of dress collection through the catwalk on the ramp. Sometimes you get a chance to see and shoot all the celebrities and model from so close distance. Shooting fashion show is one of toughest job ever because you do not only shoot but shoot to capture entire dress along with the model in a fraction of second and that require your photography skills, Equipment knowledge, spontaneous action to capture the entire fashion show along with the great photographs. Let's discuss the few important tips before you are hired professionally to shoot fashion show.  Know fashion show in advance - Before you plan a shoot, your first job is to know the fashion show details in advance like who's show is this, Which model is a show stopper, model and celebrities name and their turns etc. show timings and duration etc. This all information

HDR Mode?

Most of my friends, beginner photographer, relatives ask the question, "What is this HDR Mode". This article is about the HDR Mode, How it is beneficial for the photographers and your shoots. A camera manufactures always take care of delivering a user-friendly option to the photographer for the betterment of the photography. HDR option is one of them which enable the photographer to save their time and no confusion to use this and bring out the correct exposure photographs.  What is HDR? HDR is HIGH DEFINITION RANGE and Its balance highlight and shadows. Also, Avoid clipping (Image is blown out, excessive white and excessive black, overexposed and underexposed called CLIPPING )  Thre are two reasons for using HDR modes One is creativity and second is a necessity.  The necessary reason is  When your eyes or human eyes capture the better details of highlights and shadows rather than any expensive camera's sensor in the world. In this case when you take a

Redevelop your street photography skills

When you are hungry and you don't wanna eat the same stuff or the same food at the moment. In this case, you explore something new taste or new food to eat. But You found out different food from the same cook.  This article is about the same topic. You have already shot the street so many times, But, This time you are looking different subject in the same street. How you can re-motivate yourself to be in the same location to shoot the different subject along with the different photography equipment.  You have to reinspire to shoot the  new subject in the  same street. That's an amazing job for a photographer. Let's discuss the few some important points where you can redevelop the interest to shoot the  new subject and new thought  in the same street or same location. Make a list of the captured subject which you have already shot in the same street. Make a list of older weather condition in which you shot last. Means you shot in daytime Go through all you o

Few Wildlife Shooting Tips

The word "Wildlife" or Wildlife Photography always excite you, give you a thrilling thought, a natural point of view. It happens when we discussed wildlife photography. There are lots of fumes enter in your mind. But how to capture the great shots, Which equipment must carry along with you, How much weight of photography equipment you can bear for so long. There is perfect calculation required and besides of these arrangements, there is another requirement room of tips and tricks to shoot.  Now, this article covers specifically the small tips which can really help you to get the better shots. I have earlier written the blog on the photography equipment for wildlife photography.  Let's discuss the few important tips to shoot wildlife. Know wildlife parks and locals - Before finalizing the wildlife location, The first job is to know the wildlife location and localities.  Which kind of animal, birds, species etc exist in this location. Is this safe lo

Tips to shoot baby

My Model - Mr Vishnu Singh As a photographer, I can assure you capturing baby, kid, child, children are very hard to capture as per your requirement. One of the toughest challenging job to capture the kid & baby. They will never listen to you, will never follow your guidance and if they do not like your face then forget the photoshoot (hahaha). The biggest problem for the photographer is how to be friendly with the baby or kid. That's our job to be more friendly with the kid. Once you are happily friendly with the baby then your photoshoot project is winning always. How to handle when you are shooting the baby or kid. There are always better possibilities to shoot baby when you follow a few important tips.   Let's discuss the tips and hoping for the batter baby photoshoot in future.  Be friendly - The important task to be friendly with your kid, baby etc, Let baby talked to you and can understand you that you are not going to harm him/her with your camera

Free Images! Be Cautious

Many of us, beginner photographer, advertising company, Web-designer, young generation and others are using free images from the search engines site and other sources for their advantages. People using free images/art/vectors knowingly or unknowingly for their website, catalogue, presentation, collage, school and college purpose and many other uncountable purposes. But no one has ideally commissioned the artist, photographer, designers for using their phenomenal work. Even I would like to mention that No one even tries to explore or search the artist before using his work. Even a few organization never care to find out the resources. Amazing People isn't  This article belongs to me as a photographer and other photographers, photography community, designer, creative person, painters and all those who publish their creative work online, share with the clients, friends, community etc.  Here I request all the users who use free images for their benefit, monetary benafit an

Perspective of lenses

Shot with 50mm Lens A very important question to ask or beginner photographer ask this question most of the time that which lens we should buy and what is the perspective of the lenses and which lens perspective is better. Lots of confusing questions. Let's get into the details. Let's understand the word Perspective .  Perspective meaning is a POINT OF VIEW and angle of coverage of the area. How lens views and covers the field in the world of photography, It means lens understand the height, width and distance of the subject from the camera distance and frame the subject accordingly. Human eyes can see everything in the three-dimensional views but the camera work only into two dimensional and that's a limitation of most of the lenses.  Because of perspective or angle of coverage and lens optics, every lens like Standard, wide, tally behave differently or as per the clear cut requirement of the shoot. It is now the photographer's duty to understa

Be Technology Friendly

Does a camera technology scare you?  This article is about Photography technology, post-processing or any other new technology.  Nowadays we all keep on interacting with the latest photography gadgets, latest unbelievable photography technology and other non-photography technology like internet introduced to the car, hearing aid machine etc. Sometimes they also confuse us to use or do not use it. It is all depending on your particular requirement of the product like Fx camera, Dx camera, wide lens, zoom lens, tripod, filters, post-processing software endless photography equipment and accessories or life running technology.  Most of us must be using old technology accessories and not ready to upgrade. the reason may be or may not be the monetary or expensive products issues. Now the question is why we are not upgrading towards better photography or better life cycle.   Recently there is a new launch of Mirrorless cameras. Most of the photographers have not even tried to

Travel photography is naive ART

I hope, all the beginner photographer, hobby photographer, the mobile photographer must have heard about travel photography. Must be aware of tips, precautions, photography kit and other important advice. Have you ever observe the importance of Travel photography? What I feel about the true importance of travel photography that it is absolutely a naive art.  Why it is naive art - When you are travelling to shoot, whatever you see and you capture, you cannot overthink, over judging the shot, can't add extra technique to shoot otherwise your shot may be gone or disappeared from your camera viewfinder. your honest spontaneous action is required to capture the better travel shot. In other genres of photography you have the freedom to modify your shot, can manage lighting and other required things to shoot. Handle with the care of your travel photography.  Few things to avoid while shooting travel. Never ever plan to shoot with family otherwise most of the time you

SEO is important, WHY?

I guess, the article about SEO might have surprised all my blog readers because this is not directly related to Photography. But to be very honest SEO is directly related to the photography profession and business. In this electronic era where smallest to biggest information is now available on your smartphone. How the correct information may help you to grow your profession, business even finds the right job for the job seeker. Now, what is SEO and why it is important?  SEO means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SERVICES, a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to users of a web search engine.  SEO services help to increase the number of visitors traffic to your website. These visitors may be your clientele, business partner, beginner photographer or XYZ visitors who can help you to grow your business or profession.  In short, When you have developed the professional photography website of your best photos,

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