Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

Burst Mode- DSLRs Camera

Nov 05, 2019 I hope you must have heard about this burst mode, Must have noticed this option in all the basic and high-end DSLRs cameras. I guess not most of the beginner photographers use this option or aware of this burst mode. I tell you this burst mode is going to help you amazingly. One single press for 4-5 shots. What is burst Mode -  It is a continuous shooting mode or keeps capturing your speed subject. The moment you activated this setting, automatically shutter button is released or until the camera's internal memory buffer fills up. Whatever comes first. Once your shutter button is pressed, your camera captures the images until or unless you take your finger off from your shutter button or stop pressing the shutter button. Use burst mode with bracketing mode (Bracketing means creating several photos with different settings between the brackets and you can choose the best images from exposures, WB etc) Why Burst mode - When you are shooting wildlife, speed

Portrait's Important tips to know

Nov 02, 2019 As you know or must have noticed this when you started knowing/learning a thing into deep then more important information comes out to learn. I am going to highlight more important portrait tips which are more beneficial to shoot better shots. I have already written the article on portrait tips but it was on the basic stage. Also, I would like to mention this, more you involve in portrait photography or any other genres, more you get the interesting information from every niche and corner. that's the beauty of learning anything. Trust your guts  - Technically OK but aesthetically, creatively, intuitions based on your experiences, filtrations, and your subconscious mind allowing you to shoot body language, speech, behaviour. Need to know tiny nuances. means how the photo looks, but more importantly how the photo feel. Break the rule to get something new. Creative focusing - Focus on the eyes or make the eyes your focus- where is your subject is looking, l

Next level, Share your work

Oct 30, 2019 Once you are evolved as a good photographer and having a great sense of photography, having great images in your folder. then What Next? Before we proceed to the next level, we should very well know about our target audience. Are we going to work as a professional photographer for different categories clients or Are we just a hobby photographer and doing photography to capture better images of our friends and family. If we are a hobby photographer then we need not share our images at a professional platform. Then we should enjoy one genre of photography and that is fun photography. there is a large number of a photographer who shoots for the fun and enjoys handling DSLRs cameras and equipment. If we are a serious photographer and chosen photography as a career then we have certain important things to follow which is really great for the photography profession. Today I am highlighting a few important points for showcasing your work to your clients. Correc

Manual Vs Auto Focus

Oct 25, 2019 Has someone ever asked you to shoot in the MANUAL focus option? What will be your reaction or reply? When technology has given you the freedom to shoot in autofocus, when point and shoot with the autofocus option made your photography easy then why we need to shoot in manual focus. I guess this will be your answer and reaction. Correct? I will be highlighting the pros and cons of both the options of manual and autofocus in this small article but we need to understand both the options too before getting in this article. Auto Focus  - This is advanced technology within your camera lens. The camera adjusts the lens to obtain/get the focus of the particular subject. The sensor communicates with your lens to pick the contrast and light level but mainly choose the contrast. Once the contrast achieved correctly then this will capture the sharp images for you. Also, How fast is your lens to focus and capture the subject is also related to the sharp images, sometime

Connecting into the deepest Sense

Oct 23, 2019 Photography's main motto is the connection with your subject or connecting to your subject in a better or deepest sense. Whenever you have spare time to visit my website, you will find this tagline on my website ( ).  The true message of this tagline is the connection between your viewers and your amazing photographs. This is the only job required for being a photographer. How efficiently you connect your subject to you and how beautiful you capture the photographs. It is very important to understand your subject before you press the shutter button. Spend time with him or her. Try to understand him/her so well to shoot. Today, I would like to cover a few important tips which will definitely boost/improve your connection with your subject. Always believe in capturing more meaning full photographs. See the above-posted images of a man coming out of the river. Sometimes you capture the more communicating images while travelling where y

Mistakes​ may ruin your photographs

Oct 17, 2019 I have been asked one common question most of the time when I interact with the beginner photographer, student photographer, hobby photographer etc.  The question is this''  What are the common mistakes that can spoil the photographs " There are so few common mistakes which are enough to spoil your photographs, if you are shooting for your client then this can spoil your career too. Common mistakes are those which is happened due to lack of knowledge for handling the camera, lens, tripod, creative aspect, content-oriented, pre-visualization issues and the difference between the expected result and a final photograph. Always remember there is always a small mistake behind every spoiled photograph as compared to the big mistakes. It is very important for every photographer to know about these mistakes or common mistakes. Also, I would like to mention this, It takes time to overcome your mistakes and cannot happen overnight. Understand the mistakes

Twilight for Exteriors shoot

Oct 14, 2019 If you are a real estate photographer or love to shoot the interior and exteriors of the building Then this article is for you.  Twilight, An evening time before the sunset completely. A perfect time for real estate photographers. This twilight shoot adds lots of drama, lots of different color to your photography. An important and dramatic technique to shoot your exteriors projects.A great combination of artificial and natural lighting. This particular timing photography takes your photography at a better level. It is all about understanding the natural light's colors along with the exterior, interior's lighting condition etc. Stunning twilight shots also depend on your skills, how you compose, frame, add the content and drama to your photographs. You must have a strong sense of combine both light (Artificial & Natural) to create a perfect real estate photograph. you must know that Twilight shots balance shadows and light so that you can achieve a m

Why the photographer writes a ​blog

Oct 10, 2019 Nowadays or now it's a trend to write something, share & post online. This is something great for the photographer and artist too. A unique platform & best way to communicate to promote your brand, product, your knowledge, your skill, your art and importantly your particular experience about the particular field on a regular basis.  This habit or ability of writing promote you worldwide, grow your email data, grow your clientele, and make you famous. This habit also helps the photographer and artist to add important knowledge to their database and their profession too. But the best part of it, which I always used to mention in all my blogs that  keep reading and writing . This improves your knowledge, skill and time to time you explore reading and writing material. Let's discuss a few important points, Why a photographer or artist must write blogs. Promote you as a photographer and writer which helps you write a script before shoots.  Leav

True Photography

Oct 08, 2019 When a beginner photographer, student photographer or hobby photographer ask these type of question? The difficult question to answer. Sometimes Its sound craziest thing but what to do? You have to bear this. Please go through question the mentioned below Which camera/lens do you use? Which camera/lens company is the best? Which camera setting is best to shoot travel, portrait, landscape, wild etc? Should I use the flash/external light? Even I have heard this,  this photograph is better because it is shot by the professional camera/lens etc.  I hope, no photographer has an answer to the question mentioned above. In this case, Who will help them to know. My answer is this, " you yourself can answer to these questions only " behind every photography camera, lens there is you and your photography eye only. Remember. There is a photographer behind every worst and better photograph. I should write or mention this genuinely from the bottom of my heart

Preserve & Store Old Photographs

Oct 05, 2019 Nowadays capturing images from mobile is trending now, taking selfy everywhere, every second with different facial expressions, with location, with a friend, with places, with food, with dresses, with building etc. Every mobile user is spending most of the time on this exercise. Called SELFIE (shoot yourself). For this, they prefer buying expensive mobile. Every mobile manufacturing launching their mobile with great features of the camera like 20, 25, 40 megapixels, Good wide/zoom option along with good storage (32Gb, 128Gb etc), face detection and most important 1000s of photo filters means you can edit your images into 1000 ways. Time-consuming exercise for youngsters, teenagers etc. Sometimes they ignore friends & family. This article is not about promoting mobile camera, selfie, camera features, This article is about how you preserve your old images. No teenager, youngster or other mobile users, beginner photographer hardly thinks about this STORAGE

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