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  When you begin photography as a hobbyist, the most important challenge is to face? The challenge is none other than finalising the photography genres. What to shoot? It is quite difficult to choose the photography genres. No teacher can help you to choose.  In this confusing situation, you are the only one to help yourself. It is just like which course to choose after completing your 12th class. Everybody faces this situation at the beginning of his career.  There are a few questions that might have confused you. these questions are mentioned below Which photography genres have more scope Which photography genres demand more investment Which genres will earn more money for you Which location has more potential Everybody wanna choose those genres which may generate more money, more opportunity, less effort, less education etc But choosing photography genres is something very tough to choose. But if we are looking for better future opportunities then we have to go through this. All

Low entry level in the world of photography

There are lots of expenses involved to start a business. For example, If you wanna open a showroom of garments then you require a proper location (own property or renting), a collection of garments to sell, a proper marketing strategy to attract customers (backbone), a staff of 8-10 people to handle all the business in the beginning. Along with this you require running capital to run the entire show. You must have loss bearing capacity to run the show. There is an end number of hurdles that you have to face and win all the challenges. Not even in the running a business of showroom, restaurant, real estate, hospitals, hotels etc every business is having a tough entry-level. 

In service-related profession them you need to invest 04-05 years to complete your studies, then internships, work experience etc it takes 8-10 years to start your service-oriented business like lawyers, doctors, engineers etc  

Now in the world of photography, there is no investment, no proper education etc. You can start photography with a low budget camera with one single lens. There are few beginner photographers who consider themselves to be better professional photographers. It takes 5-6 months for them. But I tell you one thing that grass always looks more green from another end. 

Maybe the entry-level for a photographer is a little quite easy but it is not easy to achieve perfection, brand image, quality of image, big-brand clients, highly expensive photography kit etc. let us discuss how many other things are involved to establish as a pro photographer 

  • You need a great portfolio to attract clients
  • You need to have big clients
  • You must have all the expensive and world-class photography kits.
  • You must have a great website along with great design too
  • You must have your presence on all the best social media platforms
  • You must know, how to handle clients
  • How you understand the project and Your on-time delivery of the project
  • On top of it, you must have good presentable skills along with strong communication.

Conclusion - Entry level may be easy but It's really tough to make your dream come true. You need to work very hard to expand, develop and establish yourself as a true photographer. 

Keep experimenting! Have wonderful and Happy photography life for you all

Photographer & blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured above posted-image, INDIA



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