Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

No Bad Photos, Only Technology ?


There is a confusion between Bad photos or poor technology. Which is responsible for the bad or worst photos, is it technology or artistic lacking, photographer or his kit, there are so many others myths involved in bad photos production. " THE ART IS SUBJECTIVE'' means whatever you are shooting with your own defined point of view or your own perspective is called an art without any further motives or explanations. This covering title that the art is subjective covers entire wrong technique, confused motives, no communication, no viewers expression etc 

Your piece of art must convey your intention, your aspect, your motives, your message etc up to the certain extent. Without these content your subject may be an art-less photographs. Sometimes your friend or social network may like your subject/photographs but how much you can be sured about their correct artistic knowledge.  Please never rely on those liking or comment. They may spoiled your career. 

Let's discuss what actually spoil your photos technically 

  1. You are shooting in lowlight with HIGHEST ISO setting, which may create too much grains
  2. You are shooting at high ISO in good light or natural condition 
  3. Sometime your speed is slow and your entire photographs is shaken
  4. No idea of Aperture, should I add background or not, Do I need shallow background?
  5. Shooting in harsh light condition
  6. Shooting in low light condition without tripod, you get shaken, spoiled photos
  7. Carrying wrong gears to shoot
  8. Poor understanding of wide, zoom, telly lenses etc Don't know the correct lens for right subject
  9. Poor knowledge of exposure compensation, exposure etc
  10. Poor technology of editing or post processing etc 
  11. No habit of maintaining photography kit (worst habit but most of the beginner photographer has this habit)
  12. Shooting in the wrong camera setting, less knowledge of Manual, Program, Auto, Speed, Aperture etc 
  13. Never read the camera manual to know your camera.
  14. Never used the tripod too shoot, think its a waste accessories 
  15. Never shot in RAW 
  16. Never read photography literature or attend any photography classes to understand the technology
  17. Always ready to capture amazing photos but don't want to take pain 
  18. Never wait for the right weather to shoot but shoot in all the weather conditions, sometime shoot in rain without taking extra cautions
  19. Shoot male, female models without having knowledge of proper makeup, hairstyling, poses etc
  20. No knowledge of auto focus and manual focus, metering mode etc
In short or conclusion - Poor technology plays a major role behind every bad photos. You must understand your subject and its requirement of technology. Once you are capable of handling proper technique to shoot then only there is possibilities of shooting amazing photos. I hope this article will help you to shoot correctly with the help of using right technology. 

Keep experimenting! have wonderful and happy photography life to you all 

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured above posted photograph. INDIA


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