Personality of a photographer?

I have always faced this question " What personality traits do photographers have" Beginners often keep asking this question like what makes the photographer different from other people, what kind of attitude he must carry on.   According to me, every photographer creates a different known space in the world of photography by adding his creatives, different thoughts, a different aspect etc.  "Photographers need to be artistic, meaningful communication through his photographs, original creative ideas and all he expresses his true expression. He is well able to influence others"  A few important things need to be followed by all the photographers. He need not be conventional. Must work in a professional manner and convince others with his creative photographs Must respect his photography kit and always keep maintaining the kit because sometimes your maintained kit also express your passion.  He must pursue a good character and behave nicely, professionally. He mus

SNOOT in Photography?

In the photography world, There are so many different types of lighting accessories and light shaping tool introduce in the market every day. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to keep all the light accessories in mind before planning the shoot and not possible to have all the light shaping tool under one roof. But being a professional photographer we need to know most of the interesting technology, devices and other up-gradation that can boost your photography style and your level of photography. 

I hope you must have heard about the Snoot (light shaping tool) if not then let's discuss the snoot and how this small light shaping tool/accessory can create wonder in photography and how can benefit to the photographer. 

What is the Snoot- The Snoot is a light shaping tool and it is a single beam light and a small source of light, which attaches in front of the studio light, portable flash to spill a creative light on to your subject. The purpose of attaching this snoot is to control the direction and radius of the light which transfer single beam light through this conical/tube snoot to highlight the subject to look more creative.  Snoot creates the drama effect or dramatic by spilling the light on the subject and It also isolates the subject when attaching the snoot on the studio light/flashlight.

Use a snoot to just the person’s face is lit, creating a much more theatrical effect. Mostly snoot has used the shoot the portrait. 

How Snoot performs on the subject
  • Sharp circle of the light 
  • harder light as compared to the grid. 
  • Small coverage of the area
  • Less filled light
  • You can add Honeycomb grid to create more drama. which reduced the amount of fall off. 
  • You can add colour gel to create more drama, more intense and more moody shot.
  • You can use at the back of the subject to get beautiful RIM light effect and many more
If you do not wanna buy snoot due to any reason or its not in your budget then there are other cheap methods to make your own snoot in your budget. Like I mentioned above that this is a conical or tube device, you can convert any paper, Thick bond paper, cardboard sheet, any thick cloth material etc anything which can wrap around a FLASHGUN with an elastic strap and velcro to settle the direction of the light. I also advise carrying remote trigger or two-part radio trigger will favour you. because when you place a flashgun on Hotshoe then you cannot place a trigger on the Hotshoe then planning accordingly to shoot.

This is something that you can try with less budget to get a stunning shot. Like we all are in lockdown situation and this is something great to create and shoot. I hope you will enjoy photography with a homemade device called Snoot.

Keep experimenting, have wonderful & happy photography to you all.

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( Image Courtesy - Google. 

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